‘The Last Jedi’ features a scene with Tom Hardy, Princes William and Harry, and also Gary Barlow from the ’90s boy band Take That

Like Daniel Craig and Simon Pegg before them, Prince Harry, Prince William, Tom Hardy, and Gary Barlow from Take That have shot secret cameos in the latest Star Wars sequel. Sources have told The Hollywood Reporter that this astoundingly arbitrary, extremely British lineup all share a scene in Lucasfilm’s upcoming The Last Jedi. Don’t expect to actually see royalty, Bane, nor the lead vocalist of 1995’s hit single “Back for Good,” though. Following Craig’s white-booted footsteps, all four are hidden under Stormtrooper getups in an elevator scene where they guard John Boyega’s Finn.

It’s now up to Episode IX director J.J. Abrams to figure out how he’s going to get Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, Christian Bale, and someone from Boyzone into Wookiee suits.

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