‘Lego Batman’ Tops Biggest Box Office of the Year

BDSM, murder, and childhood playthings that embody our lost youth. Over the weekend, we sought out all those basest desires at the cinema, leading to the biggest box office of the year (not that that’s saying so much in mid-February). The three new wide releases all topped $30 million, led by The Lego Batman Movie‘s $55.6 million haul. The tepid, nonsensical eroticism of Fifty Shades Darker followed with $46.8 million—notably, a nearly $40 million dip from the original. Still, while the Lego- and bondage-based franchises failed to hit the high-water marks of their predecessors, a certain head-shot-based franchise did manage to surpass its prior film’s opening. John Wick: Chapter 2 debuted at just over $30 million, making over twice what the initial chapter brought in over its first weekend. Just goes to show what can be built from the strong giddily-shouting-about-how-awesome-John Wick-is-of-mouth.

Check out the full rundown at Box Office Mojo.

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