Let the ‘Clowntergeist’ Trailer Spew Its Stygian Clown Puke All Over You

The “creepy clown” phenomenon of 2016 is over, usurped by vastly more frightening but equally unnaturally-colored clown government of 2017, but now we can relive that relatively halcyon time of yore with this trailer for Clowntergeist.

As a title, “Clowntergeist” is spectacular in how little effort it shows toward a legitimate play on words, but it’s also a bit hazy as to what it’s actually describing. Is it a malevolent ghost-clown haunting Craig T. Nelson’s home? A clown car-like television from which a seemingly endless series of clowns emerge? As it turns out, neither. It’s a “demonic” clown who “was possessed, but there was never an exorcism,” assumedly rendering him still possessed—much as a door, once opened but never closed, remains spookily open. He’s “a paranormal shit-storm, but physically, he’s still human.” He’s also basically The Ring in grease paint, as he begins leaving a group of teenagers individual balloons, upon which is written the dates and times of their impending deaths-by-clown.

Beyond the eye of the paranormal shit-storm, everyone in this thing is delivering lines exactly as they should. “…A manhunt” and “like a clown” are particular stand-out performances. They should all receive acting nominations whenever this thing comes out—supposedly “soon.”

As should go without saying, whoever suggested “Clowntergeist” over “Fear Itself” should also be heavily awarded.


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