‘Life-Size 2’ To Teach Us That Even Dolls Grow Old and Will Assumedly Die

As Terminator Genisys recently showed us, even the mighty robot from the future will one day see his flesh droop from his metal skull as a reminder of the years passing by. And now, the Freeform network will show us that once-living dolls, too, must pay for their brief sin of being human by joining us in the inexorable march toward death. They’re going to put Tyra Banks in a Life-Size sequel.

The 2000 original saw Banks as a doll that’s brought to life thanks to a magical incantation recited by Lindsay Lohan. The ABC TV movie closed with (spoiler!) Banks’s Eve abandoning her new humanity and reverting to her Barbie-like form. But it seems that ending isn’t to stay—and neither is the nigh-eternal, plastic youth Eve no doubt thought she could return to.

The sequel will reportedly see Banks reprise her role as Eve, but now necessarily “grown up” to a visibly older doll somehow. The terrible magic of bringing dolls to life just works that way. And that same wretched spell will now be used to reanimate Eve in a “fun, edgy, modern Christmas movie” in which she’ll help a young woman “learn to live and love again.”

This chaste update to Mannequin will air on Freeform in December of next year.

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