Like streams in rain, Amazon orders a Blade Runner series

It looks like the Blade Runner franchise (as it were) is joining antagonist Roy Batty in stubbornly refusing to die.

Amazon’s Prime Video has announced that they’ve given a limited series order to Blade Runner 2099, a live-action series set in the universe of the eponymous 1982 sci-fi classic. Except, you know, 80 years in the original’s future, so that it should honestly be almost unrecognizable at that point. It’s like saying a modern-day movie will be set in the beloved universe of World War II. Was 2049 not a big enough leap for these assholes?

Anyway, Shining Girls creator Silka Luisa wrote the script and is executive producing alongside Blade Runner director Ridley Scott—never one to hold back on running one of his iconic sci-fi properties into the ground. Can’t wait to see how Harrison Ford will somehow still be forced to be involved!

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