New ‘Lord of the Rings’ series may head to Amazon

The Lord of the Rings, the high-fantasy Friends that’s always “The One with the One Ring,” may be getting a TV adaptation. According to Variety, the J.R.R. Tolkien estate and Warner Bros. Television are in talks with Amazon Studios to develop Tolkien’s epic tale as a streaming series. The estate and Warner have apparently been shopping the idea around, with multiple bidders coming forward in the hopes of scoring the next, less-sexually-charged Game of the Thrones. Amazon is now the frontrunner, with Jeff Bezos taking a rare hands-on approach to securing the rights, the CEO and founder himself getting involved in the negotiations. It’s not yet clear whether the series will attempt to stretch out the same story as those Lord of the Rings films you may have heard of, or if this is to be more of a spin-off—the Joey for whomever in the Fellowship was its Joey. Pippin?

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