Louis C.K. gets uncomfortably close to Woody Allen with his ‘I Love You, Daddy’ trailer

Having been accused of multiple instances of sexual misconduct, you’d figure Louis C.K. would be distancing himself as far as possible from Woody Allen comparisons. Instead, though, he’s dove right in with I Love You, Daddy, a film that looks nearly as gross to watch as it is to say. C.K. stars as a divorcé whose layabout daughter (Chloë Grace Moretz) takes advantage of his newfound wealth. She also gets into a relationship with a noted filmmaker (John Malkovich) who’s “like, 80 years old” and known for getting involved with young women.

While that might seem to imply the movie is a condemnation of Allen and his ilk, the rest of this trailer says otherwise. The black-and-white photography, affection for ’40s comedies, jazzy score, and Winsor typeface all suggest this is far more a reverent tribute than a scathing satire. That C.K.’s character likewise uses his Hollywood clout to hook up with the beautiful, younger Rose Byrne isn’t helping things either. The effect is nearly as painful as if Harvey Weinstein went straight into producing casting-couch porn. Or like if Allen himself continued to make film after film about older men lusting after younger women.

Anyway, you can see whether the concept somehow redeems itself when I Love Y-ugh… when this film hits theaters November 17.

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