UPDATED (again): Louis C.K. premiere canceled in advance of his also being called out as a garbage person

From its title to its Woody Allen-esque premise, Louis C.K.’s new film, I Love You, Daddy, is already pretty gross. (Its gross trailer is here, if you missed it.) But by all evidence, it’s about to get a whole lot grosser.

Plans for tonight’s New York premiere of the movie have been canceled, as has C.K.’s scheduled appearance on tonight’s Late Show. The reason? Rumors of an impending New York Times story that, like nearly every story of a male celebrity this month, will expose the comedian-director as a sexual predator.

Not that unwanted exposure is anything new for C.K., though. Already he’s been forced to look upon several accusations claiming he’s made women watch him masturbate. C.K. has refused to address the specifics of those claims, saying only (in a different accusatory Times story), “They’re rumors, that’s all that is.” Given this strong preemptive response—and that The New York Times isn’t the type to run with hearsay—that excuse is looking thinner and thinner. It’s getting pretty hard to love you, Daddy.

UPDATE: The story has been published, and it’s indeed very gross.

UPDATE 2: I Love You, Daddy‘s distributor, The Orchard, has dropped the film.

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