Man of 1000 voices Chris Pratt to voice Garfield

Hollywood’s go-to guy for playing a stout little Italian-food-loving cartoon character has found his latest gig.

A month out from Chris Pratt nabbing the role of Mario, THR brings word that now the Guardians of the Galaxy star is set to voice Garfield in an animated movie. Yes, that Garfield—the cat famously known for eating lasagna, hating Mondays, and the marriage and subsequent divorce from Anna Faris that lead him into the arms of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter. It’s perfect casting!

Garfield was previously voiced by Bill Murray—supposedly at first by accident—across two feature films. Before that, Lorenzo Music—who notably voiced Murray’s Venkman on the animated The Real Ghostbusters—voiced the cartoon cat for decades. So, again, perfect casting. “A 40-ish Bill Murray type” was probably the description of the male lead in Passengers.

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