Mark Wahlberg reincarnates tired action conceits in the Infinite trailer

The first live-action feature-length original from Paramount+, Antoine Fuqua’s Infinite is here to deliver the message that this streaming service’s brand is some hilariously dumbass trash. Judging by this trailer, the idea here seems to be, “How many high-concept action movies can we force-feed Mark Wahlberg before he spews them out as an unintelligible movie vomit?” The answer is “More than you’d think but this was an ethically-compromised experiment that may require trials for its scientists.”

Wahlberg stars as a Wahlberg whose weird dreams end up being visions of past lives. He finds this out when Chiwetel Ejiofor—done dirty in having to shave his head and put on some arbitrary accent—makes him touch an old sling or something. Turns out, the Wahlberg is a member of some high-class secret society of people who constantly reincarnate and also constantly do all these clichéd action scenes. It’s a Wahlburger piled high with all the fixin’s—Highlander, Wanted (straight down to the red sports car chase!), more than one Keanu vehicle, and the list could certainly go on—and puked straight into the streaming pipeline.

Anyway, it looks dumb as hell and clearly written for a lead who isn’t celebrating his 50th next week, so it’s a pretty exciting first effort from Paramount+. Keep the brain-dead to the point of laughably entertaining content coming.

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