Marvel’s Greatest Hallway Brawlers Unite in Netflix’s First ‘Defenders’ Teaser

In what must be a first for elevator security cam footage of notable people, the above video does not depict any unspeakably terrible crimes. It’s just the first teaser for Marvel’s The Defenders, the Netflix series that will finally unite Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and the other guy. In an elevator, apparently.

If you look close, though, there’s actually more than just standing around going on in the brief clip. Typing in the IP address in the upper left leads to the website of the New York Bulletin—Marvel’s fictional spin on the New York Post. And the timecode stopping at 08:18:20:17? That’s the hint that Defenders is arriving on Netflix this August 18. New York City’s dingiest poorly-lit hallways are about to get real crowded.

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