Marvel’s Hallway Brawlers Unite in Netflix’s First ‘Defenders’ Trailer

After so many slightly-too-long seasons, so many miles of fighting through dingy, shadowy hallways, Marvel’s most conveniently-streamable heroes have finally made it. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist are united as a team—and now they only have to fight through eight episodes and a bright, shockingly-sterile hallway! But while Netflix’s The Defenders has vastly improved the cast’s working conditions, their job is going to be as exhausting as ever. There are still innumerable nameless thugs that need punching, and leading them this time is the franchise’s biggest name yet: Sigourney Weaver. So that’s why they rolled out the red carpet that is a white, evenly-lit corridor. We’ll see if any other locales look so much like a well-maintained Uniqlo dressing room when the series premieres on August 18.

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