Matt Shakman in talks for Fantastic Four

Marvel has found the latest director they can underpay for still not quite being a big name.

The studio has reportedly started early talks with Matt Shakman to direct their next major superhero entry, Fantastic Four—this following the loss of Spider-Man series director Jon Watts earlier this year.Shakman previously worked with Marvel on WandaVision, and otherwise has a prolific and respected career directing series like Mad Men, Fargo, Game of Thrones, The Boys, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This wouldn’t exactly be his big break into Hollywood blockbusters, either: Paramount has already scooped him up to make their next Star Trek movie. So who better for this other franchise where some people get sent to space and we all collectively sigh and ask, “Oh, they’re doing another one of those?”

UPDATE: Never mind about Star Trek! Shakman actually dropped that so he could do Fantastic Four.

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