Matt Stone and Trey Parker to get unreal amount of money to make unreal amount of South Park

Proving that while Kenny may be killed, his series never will, South Park has just been renewed into 2027. Oh, and also there will be 14 South Park movies in that period.

Bloomberg reports that South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have made a deal with ViacomCBS to take their Comedy Central series into a 30th season, in addition to giving Paramount+ an outrageous, completely arbitrary 14 feature films. But Stone and Parker are making a cool $900 million off it, so they’re not sweating it. The duo’s Park County banner is now valued at over a billion dollars, which must be pretty wild for the stars of BASEketball.

Meanwhile, it’s still iffy whether Paramount+ is properly valued at $5 a month to see a dozen or so South Park movies over the next six years.

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