Matthew McConaughey To Stretch Himself To Play ‘The Beach Bum’

Harkening back to his roles in Surfer, Dude and actual life, Matthew McConaughey is going to sprawl out on the beach and, you know, just keep livin’, man. He’s reportedly signed on to star in The Beach Bum, in which he would play “a rebellious and lovable rogue”—named Moondog, obviously.

It might seem that the now Oscar-winning actor is falling from grace, plopping barefoot into the wet sands where he can again chill on the bongos all night long, but this isn’t the act of recidivism it seems: The Beach Bum is not an old-school McConaugh-rom-com but the latest from Spring Breakers and Trash Humpers enfant terrible Harmony Korine. Of the wealth of footage we have of Matthew McConaughey being a beach bum, this will almost certainly be the darkest.

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