Meet Barry Keoghan’s damaged Joker in The Batman deleted scene

In theaters, The Batman gave only a glimpse of Barry Keoghan’s Joker at the film’s close. But it turns out there was more of Laughter Man in the can.

Warner Bros. has just released a deleted scene that sees Robert Pattinson’s Batman in conversation with Joker, asking the mangled, patchy-haired criminal for help in profiling Riddler. It’s basically Heath Ledger’s Joker interrogation and Hannibal Lecter’s caged wisdom quite literally pulsed in a blender.

Given that there’s already a pretty lengthy Arkham visit in the movie—and that the movie is already three hours—probably good it was cut. But now we know what to expect from Keoghan’s role in the future: the look of a doll someone threw in a fire.

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