Meet Peter Dinklage: Memory Detective in the ‘Rememory’ trailer

The latest film to star turn to Peter Dinklage is titled Rememory, a combination of “memory” and “remember, before you get too excited, this thing is premiering on Google Play.” The film takes place in a near future in which scientist Gordon Dunn (Martin Donovan) has invented a machine that works like a DVR for memories. When he’s found murdered, it’s for some reason up to Dinklage to solve the crime. He becomes an amateur sleuth, investigating the case by picking up clues from the saved memories of Dunn’s closest friends and family. It’s a fairly intriguing sci-fi premise, but one that doesn’t look very well served by this trailer. This thing reeks of a lame twist that will see Dinklage find his own memory stick revealing himself as the killer, or as a memory himself—or, you know, something like that. Remember, after all, this thing is going straight to Google Play.

Still, let’s hope it ends up being better than it appears; Rememory also features one of the last performances of the late Anton Yelchin. It hits Play in one week, August 24.

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