Michael Bay plans some pandemic Bayhem amidst the pandemic mayhem

Michael Bay obeys safety protocol

A master of giving us the absolute last thing anyone needs to see on screen at any given time, Michael Bay is producing the first of what will undoubtedly be far too many coronavirus movies. (The amount of these we need is zero.)

Coming from the writing-directing team behind the Jeremy Sisto horror-thriller Hangman (Adam Mason & Simon Boyes), Songbird takes place in a 2022 where lockdowns have been rolled back and since reinstated as the COVID-19 virus continues to mutate and persist. To get around the current Los Angeles lockdown, the film is going to be shot remotely by the stars themselves—a real Blair Witch Pandemic. The story reportedly involves “governmental conspiracy and paranoia and how it impacts the cast of characters.” Because if there’s one thing we desperately need right now, it’s another video where someone records themselves ranting about the pandemic being a government conspiracy.

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