Michael Myers reclaims his slightly charred mask in the Halloween Kills teaser

David Gordon Green’s wonderfully entertaining Halloween reboot sequel is getting its own sequel this time next year, and here’s our first look with the teaser for Halloween Kills. This time it’s an Anthony Michael Halloween, the Breakfast Club dork joining Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, and company as Tommy Doyle, babysat boy of the original film. Some bad news for them all, though: they are not going to kill the coverall man in the wan Shatner mask. There’s already another sequel, Halloween Ends, set for 2022. Maybe then they’ll finally put this dude in the dirt, y’know? Most of Halloween Ends should be a romantic-comedy about Laurie Strode finding small-town love. Pancake Myers with a steamroller in the first five minutes and have his flattened mask drift like the Forrest Gump feather into the window of Laurie and her lover (Richard Gere).

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