Michelle Yeoh joins the booming multiverse business in Daniels’ Everything Everywhere All at Once trailer

We’re days away from Spider-Man fighting multiverse villains and Neo again proving he’s The One as he jumps between worlds doing kung fu. Yet, in the eleventh hour, there’s a new contender for coolest-looking movie where all that stuff happens.

See for yourself with A24’s new trailer for Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Despite its Miranda July-style title and occasional Michel Gondry-style whimsy, the sci-fi film actually comes from Swiss Army Man director collective Daniels (Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert). Michelle Yeoh stars as what seems to be a bankrupting laundromat owner—or, at least one of the Michelle Yeohs seems to be. As the title loosely suggests, there are a multitude of Yeohs simultaneously existing across parallel dimensions, and it seems that each can access the others’ memories, emotions, and skills. Laundromat Yeoh, Movie Star Yeoh, Chopsocky Yeoh, Animated Yeoh, Pizza Sign-Spinning Yeoh, and others exist as a single Yeoh. Which is great, because no one is complaining about there being more ass-kicking Michelle Yeoh. Co-starring are Jamie Lee Curtis, Stephanie Hsu, Jonathan Ke Quan, Jenny Slate, and, entering his fifth decade of being the preeminent old Chinese guy, James Hong.

You’ll be seeing Everything Everywhere All at Once again in our end-of-year best trailers list before it hits cinemas March 25.

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