Mile 22 is inexplicably getting a sequel, TV effort, and VR experience

Big news today is setting the industry abuzz with talk of, “What, that Mark Wahlberg thing?” Because according to The Hollywood Reporter, STXfilms is going all-in on Mile 22, the film that indeed is that Mark Wahlberg thing. Though said Mark Wahlberg thing doesn’t hit theaters until August, the studio has already hired Umair Aleem (Extraction, Netflix’s upcoming Kate) to write a script for a sequel. The move may seem premature—or even outright foolish if you’ve seen this Mark Wahlberg thing’s completely unremarkable trailer—but apparently “STX has always plotted Mile 22 as a cross-platform franchise, spanning film, television and VR.” Mile 22 is not the ending but the beginning of so many more miles, a journey that may eventually take us inside the head of Mark Wahlberg, seeing his thing through his eyes. What a thing!

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