Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel teasers offer more, y’know, Marvel stuff

In celebration of Disney+ Day (observed), the eponymous streaming service has released some brief teasers for a few of their innumerable upcoming Marvel shows. So, if you can take a break from your Disney+ Day festivities, let’s take a look.

First we’ve got Moon Knight. Oscar Isaac stars in the title role as guy who’s more or less Marvel’s answer to Batman—a caped billionaire vigilante who goes around using high-tech devices and slinging thematic shuriken in his fight against crime. The main difference is that Moon Knight (aka Marc Spector) develops dissociative identity disorder, and as revealed in this teaser, yes, that means Isaac gets to do little voices. Fun!

Next up is the trailer for She-Hulk, some mix of Marvel and Ally McBeal that sees Tatiana Maslany as attorney Jennifer Walters. She’s Bruce Banner’s cousin, and when she receives an emergency blood transfusion from him, you can figure out how that goes. This first look gives a glimpse at She-Hulk’s costume but is strangely coy about showing her face. Is she not just going to look like Tatiana Maslany but green?

Finally, there’s this teaser for Ms. Marvel. Iman Vellani stars as Kamala Khan, a Captain Marvel-loving “brown girl from Jersey City” who ends up with shapeshifting powers. Still in Jersey, but at least the powers are cool.

Anyway, back to the Disney+ Day ruckus!

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