Morbius trailer gives us an even more insufferable Venom

What is it with Jared Leto’s proclivity for playing comic book villains as insufferable, wan turds who look like they have bands even worse than Jared Leto’s? Who can say—but here it is again with the trailer for Sony’s Morbius.

Following the inexplicable success of two Venom movies, Morbius sees the studio continuing down the same dark, gloomily-hued path. In other words, it’s their latest super[anti]hero movie that apes Marvel’s “lead fights antagonist who is basically an evil mirror of themself” template, but with less color and more inner conflict about eating people. (Though the trailer doesn’t explicitly spell it out, Matt Smith is said to be playing a villain who has the same disease as Morbius, so yeah, he’s also going to become a Nosferatu with hair.) In the trailer’s sole moment of levity, Leto’s Morbius even jokes, “I am Venom.”

It’s funny because it’s true! But probably worse!

We’ll find out whether 30 Seconds to Mars wrote a Morbius theme song when the film hits theaters as an oh-so-promising late-January release.

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