‘Mr. Show’ Guys Take on Greeting Card-Writing Intrigue in ‘Girlfriend’s Day’ Trailer

Written by Mr. Show alumni Bob Odenkirk and Eric Hoffman, helmed by Troll 2-kid-turned-director Michael Stephenson, Girlfriend’s Day appears to be our first entry into the hard-boiled, greeting card-based, indie comedy genre. Better Call Saul‘s Odenkirk also stars in his latest role as a downtrodden loser in a dated suit at the bottom of his craft. He plays Ray, a down-on-his-luck romance card writer in a skewed world where, for some reason, that job is at least as reputable as screenwriting. Trying to climb back to the top of his game, he begins work on his entry for a statewide contest to create the best card for the brand-new titular holiday. Somehow, in the process of this, he finds love and becomes embroiled in a deep, murderous conspiracy. Finally, a reason to get as worked up about greeting cards as Mom is on her birthday. Texting is enough these days, Mom! Please don’t cry.

You can find out whether that cartoon old lady from Shoebox Greetings is behind this mystery when Girlfriend’s Day hits Netflix on Valentine’s Day.

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