Nat Wolff is a moody Thor in the Mortal trailer

The latest from Troll Hunter and Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark director André Øvredal, Mortal is described as Chronicle meets Thor meets X-Men—which seems about right, straight down to its possibly trademark-infringing Ⓧ. This is the totally gritty, so real take on a guy with Nordic god lightning powers being hunted down by authorities fearful of his abilities. But like a cocktail of Sparks, milk, and past-its-expiration milk (respectively), it’s unclear who is asking for these things to be combined. Yeah, they all fit under the same broad umbrella, but ugh.

Still, Øvredal has proved he can pull off a solid genre flick, so maybe it’s worth a tentative sip when it hits home video August 3.

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