Netflix is making two back-to-back Red Notice sequels no one asked for

With Red Notice still so large in the pop culture conversation right now—you know, how we’re always talking about our favorite Red Notice scenes and quotes—Netflix is wasting no time in rushing out some sequels.

According to Deadline, the company has started early development on turning the film into a franchise that we’re powerless to stop. It’s going to show up on our Netflix home screens whether we watch it or not, and since we’ve already paid for it, what does it matter? Red Notice cost $200 million, so may as well see how the next half-billion or so gets blown on dressing up three movie stars to do their shtick in a dull romp.

Original writer-director Rawson Marshall Thurber has already started on the next screenplay (would you believe Red Notice only came out a couple months ago?), and Netflix’s hope is to shoot two sequels back to back early next year. Hopefully they’ll be titled White Notice and Blue Notice, because these as America’s Three Colors Trilogy would be all too perfect.

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