Netflix puts us back on the wretched Kevin James multi-camera sitcom track with The Crew trailer

The latest CBS brain aneurysm of a sitcom to bleed into Netflix is here. Have a look with the trailer for The Crew.

Aggressively sponsored by NASCAR and a half-dozen other corporations (can’t have WWE making all the “sports” entertainment!), the series sees Kevin James as chief of a delightfully quirky stock car crew. When their owner retires on his 70th birthday, the guy puts his 20-something daughter in charge. Kevin James does not like this at all! He also nearly outpaces Vin Diesel in being a big, bald lunk who won’t shut up about his multiethnic car friends being his family.

This abomination takes place in a garage that’s an obvious studio set to the point of being surreal. It’s lurid, outrageously sterile, has stairs going nowhere, and rooms seem to just appear out of nowhere, yet the “break room” is just a table smack in the middle of this byzantine phantasmagoria—brought to you by Dunkin’ Donuts and Xfinity.

Its efforts to deliver mile-a-minute laughs that barely make sense are likewise mind-bending. The visual gag where the driver can’t get himself in his race car window is a perfect analogy for how awkwardly this thing tries to cram jokes into a vehicle only my dad would watch.

He may do so February 15.

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