Netflix’s ‘The End of the F**king World’ trailer: the classic story of sociopathic boy meets foul-mouthed girl

A devolution of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl model, The End of the Fucking World takes the overdone dorky-boy-meets-quirky-girl story to a new, darker place. Based on Charles Forsman’s graphic novel of the same name, the Netflix (by way of Channel 4, where it already aired in the UK) series sees a teenage sociopath set on killing someone just to experience some kind of emotion. Fun, right? That sends him on a road trip with his mark—a foul-mouthed, rebellious girl who ends up making him feel some things without even so much as being murdered. In other words: sorry, Martin Scorsese, but it looks like someone already beat you to doing Joker/Harley: Origins. You can see how it works out starting this Friday.

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