Netflix’s ‘iBoy’ Trailer Takes ‘Lucy’ Next-Level Stupid

If you thought the glaringly pseudo-scientific conceit of Luc Besson’s Lucy was still a bit too believable, Netflix has the movie for you. Arriving on the streaming service January 27, iBoy sounds like it would be the straight-to-video knock-off of A.I.. Instead, it’s a super-powered teen film that seems to feel that origins like, say, radioactive spider-bites, are a bit too plausible. The movie sees Son of Rambow‘s Bill Milner as a young man who stumbles upon a crime in progress. While attempting to call the police, he’s shot by the perpetrators—sorrrrt of. Remarkably, it’s actually only his smartphone that’s hit by the bullet. Shrapnel from the device embeds itself in his brain and, fucking hell, the shot-up pieces of the thing somehow give him all these powers of CGI visualization. Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams co-stars as someone this guy knows who has a gun sometimes.

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