The new Avengers: Infinity War trailer is here to balance humanity

From the sound of it, Thanos is the sort of guy who will rationalize eating half a pint of ice cream by telling himself he’s “just leveling out the top so it’s nice and smooth.” As laid out in this new Avengers: Infinity War trailer, Marvel’s latest grandiose villain is fixated with wiping out half the universe, his thought being that this will somehow balance things out while also giving him a bit of satisfaction. But before he can do that, he first has to collect all the pretty rhinestones to adorn his golden mitt—and to do that, he’ll first have to swat and grab his way through the entire toy line of Marvel Studios action heroes.

We’ll find out whether the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and all their friends can stop this glove-wearing Grimace when Infinity War hits theaters April 27.

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