Optimus Prime Seeks Redemption in Irredeemable New ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Trailer

In this modern era of trailers that give away everything, Transformers: The Last Knight deserves at least one bit of credit. As with the entire franchise’s inscrutable action, this preview makes it quite difficult to tell what is possibly going on between the extraneous explosions.

We can gather a few things about the film, though.

Firstly, it seems that Optimus Prime is, for at least a time, the bad guy. As seen in this new footage, the one-time leader of the Autobots has decided that for his world to live, ours must die—and he doesn’t care if that means taking out Bumblebee, Mark Wahlberg, or the combination junkyard/orphanage that Wahlberg seems to be running.

Secondly, it looks like some of the film will take place in the past—part of an absurd history lesson being lent far too much dignity thanks to Sir Anthony Hopkins. Through flashbacks, we’ll be learning of a time when Transformers stood alongside King Arthur. And of a time when, without cars or electronics, the Transformers presumably had to disguise themselves as suspiciously metallic horses.

Finally, this latest trailer confirms what’s always been implied through all those shots of Megan Fox bent over a car or dressed as a schoolgirl: Michael Bay’s concept of women is informed entirely by pornography. Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Laura Haddock plays Bay’s latest beautiful cypher of a female lead. She’s meant to be an Oxford professor, but under Bay’s leering eye, she could not look more like a teacher in a porno if she were spread eagle on a school desk.

Bay’s most outright masturbatory effort yet hits theaters June 23.

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