New ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Reveals Her Excalibur-Style Origin

Warner Bros. Pictures has just released a new trailer for Wonder Woman, the superhero film that, at long last, will be the first to focus heavily on glowing rope. In this latest look, we get more of the backstory for Gal Gadot’s titular hero, seeing her train so that she may one day harness her power to fight in World War I, and later help Batman and Superman kill Jesse Eisenberg’s monster baby. We also learn that the sword she wields is some kind of legendary weapon of the gods, able to be wielded only by the fiercest warrior, and thus the Amazons keep it in a prominent sword display stand, like dorks. We don’t get anything on the origins of whatever that nebulous Amazon accent is supposed to be, though. Looks like they’re saving some mysteries for when the film hits theaters June 2.

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