Nicholas Hoult to play Dracula’s crony in Renfield

Among the various classic Universal monster characters to give a modern reboot, you’d figure the studio would get around to a few more before turning to the blood-drinking crazy man who Dracula feeds bugs to. But, as revealed a couple years ago, he’s apparently a pretty high priority.

Universal announced Renfield, a movie about Dracula’s deranged, servile little freak of the same name, back at the end of 2019. We hadn’t heard much since, but now they seem to have found its star: Nicholas Hoult. He’s reportedly set to play the institutionalized Count devotee who’s convinced that sucking down blood, rats, birds, and insects will make him immortal—vampire or not. What a dummy.

The role has previously been filled by the likes of Klaus Kinski and Tom Waits—but there remain bigger shoes for young Hoult to fill…

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