Nicole Kidman is Lucille Ball in the Being the Ricardos teaser

The star of 2005’s Bewitched is back to the task of recreating Nick at Nite’s ’90s lineup.

Being the Ricardos sees Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball, star and driving force behind iconic ’50s sitcom I Love Lucy. Written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, the film will reportedly take us through the week-long production of an episode amid crises in the careers and marriage of Ball and husband Desi Arnaz (Javier Bardem). This first teaser goes out of its way to not show much of Kidman’s lead, but in the brief glimpse we get at her doing a scene from season five’s “Lucy’s Italian Movie,” she does seem to look the part—at least a helluva lot more than Bardem does. Of course, the real draw is going to be seeing a Lucille Ball impersonator dropping Sorkinisms. Whatever metaphor Sorkin squashes out of those grapes is going to be something, surely.

Being the Ricardos hits theaters December 10 before streaming on Prime Video December 21.

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