Noomi Rapace, Michael Douglas, Toni Collette, and John Malkovich sink to straight-to-video level with the ‘Unlocked’ trailer

As its snappy yet meaningless, completely generic title so heavily implies, Unlocked is yet another entry to the straight-to-video action-thriller genre. But this is one that has managed to eschew the usual subjects (the paycheck-cashing likes of Nicolas Cage, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, and John Cusack) in favor of a cast that nearly convinces you this is an actual movie. Noomi Rapace stars alongside a supporting cast that includes Michael Douglas, Toni Collette, and John Malkovich. Orlando Bloom, not helping anyone in making this feel like an actual movie, also co-stars in a role best described as “meant for Chris Klein.” The almost-a-film was directed by the superbly uneven Michael Apted, who helmed the Up series, Gorillas in the Mist, and Nell before crapping out the likes of Enough and Chasing Mavericks.

Unlocked hits theaters and of course on-demand on the same date: September 1.

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