Now Vin Diesel’s going to play Bloodshot

Vin Diesel is in talks to star in Bloodshot, the comic book movie that will finally tell you what a Bloodshot is. Sony is developing the film as what they misguidedly imagine as a vast cinematic universe built from the leftover superhero scraps of Valiant Comics.

Looking like Punisher vacuum-sealed in the flag of Japan, Bloodshot was one of the many gun-toting, painfully-badass characters created in the early ’90s. He’s a killer who has been injected with nanites, granting him superhuman physicality, regeneration, and shapeshifting abilities. His memories erased, our sickly-pale hero takes the bingo marker dot on his pecs and sets out on a Bourne-style mission to learn about his past and shoot some people.

Last year, Suicide Squad‘s Jared Leto was in talks for Bloodshot‘s title role, but it seems that didn’t work out. A man’s bare torso can only take so much white paint.

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