Olivia Wilde is probably directing a Spider-Woman movie

After delivering a lovely little surprise with her directorial debut, last year’s winning Booksmart, Olivia Wilde has earned a quick shuffle to the superhero blockbuster big league.

According to Deadline, Sony has signed her on to direct a film centered on one of the Spiderverse’s female heroes—and all indications are that it will be Spider-Woman. Wilde and Sony haven’t made any official statement, but Wilde did tweet a spider emoji, so come on. Which version of Spider-Woman it may be remains unknown.

Auspiciously, it’s said the project will also re-team Wilde with Booksmart writer Katie Silberman. Less auspiciously, Sony hasn’t made a particularly good live-action, non-MCU Spider-Man universe movie since 2004. Sorry, Morbius, but no one is betting their chips on DracuLeto.

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