Oscar Isaac becomes CGI Egyptian Batman in Marvel’s Moon Knight trailer

The full trailer for Marvel’s Moon Knight Disney+ series is here. If you ignore the last few seconds where you see some pyramids and our titular mummy ninja, it basically looks like a low-mid-budget psychological thriller we would have put Bradley Cooper in a decade ago. Bradley would be going on all the talk shows talking about how he stretched himself to channel his own psychological trauma, and how he worked with the director to create distinct, interesting characters for his dissociative identity disorder, and how he spent time with actual DID sufferers. The movie would be called something like Dreamless, and it would have a 45% on Rotten Tomatoes, critics praising Cooper’s performance but noting his sometimes shaky accents and a contrived plot.

But we didn’t make that, so now it’s a superhero series with Oscar Isaac.

Isaac plays Marc Spector—as well as the comically-British Steven Grant and some other personalities that will presumably let the star do little voices. He’s also, of course, Moon Knight, and it appears the series is going all-in on the superhero’s magical Egyptian god-based powers. It’s not as if shoving Oscar Isaac in a pyramid to turn him into a goofy Marvel character has ever failed in the past, right?

We’ll see how it works out this time when Moon Knight premieres March 30.

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