Oscar Isaac goes after Ben Kingsley’s escaped Nazi in the Operation Finale trailer

Well, looks like the confiscated shoe is on the other foot for Ben Kingsley. Now the Schindler’s List star is the Nazi—what’s more, the mastermind of the Holocaust—in Operation Finale, a film that, despite its title, is not a poorly-translated Sammo Hung movie.

Set in 1960, the film sees Oscar Isaac as a Mossad agent charged with capturing Kingsley’s Adolf Eichmann, who’s been hiding out in Argentina since he and his German cronies lost World War II. Chris Weitz directs, with Lior Raz and Melanie Laurent co-starring with—OH, HELLO!—an unexpectedly dramatic Nick Kroll. We’ll find out whether the lingering Nazis win September 14. Or at least by November’s mid-terms.

(Thanks for the tip from a shameful Argentina’s own Jaime!)

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