Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek are in a crummy Matrix in the Bliss trailer

From Another Earth director Mike Cahill, here’s another movie he’s made about a couple mirrored worlds.

In Bliss, Owen Wilson plays some white-collar family man who keeps having visions where he’s off with some babe in Tuscan villa or something. After work, he goes to some shithole dive bar and Selma Hayek is there. She’s like, “Oh, hey, you’re basically in the Matrix,” and our busty Morpheus demonstrates how she can use telekinesis to bully bartenders.

She starts teaching OweNeo how to do this too, but it seems like also they become hobos? Anyway, it doesn’t really matter, because then she’s just like, “Shove this thing in your nose and you’ll leave the Matrix, except leaving the Matrix isn’t the human battery situation this time; it’s actually really nice there.”

So he does that, and he’s transported to what the warm color shift informs us is paradise. Honestly, it’s not really that great, but he does know Bill Nye there, so that’s sort of cool.

OweNeo is out of the Matrix now, but for some reason it keeps jumping back to him continuing to do a Hancock impression as a super-powered homeless guy. The worlds are blurring together! He misses his daughter! Maybe it’s all a trick somehow! Even with a metal thingy shoved up your nose, you should be able to smell a dumb twist coming, OweNeo.

We’ll find out what it is when Bliss hits Amazon Prime February 5.

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