‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ trailer looks just as fantastically goofy as it should

Well, Legendary’s Pacific Rim sequel may have lost the first film’s director and writers, but worry not: the original’s wholehearted commitment to awesome, moronic robot action continues. In this first trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising, it’s quickly made clear that the franchise’s massive “Jaegers” have still almost certainly been designed by an eight-year-old drawing on the back of a Denny’s placemat.

Led by The Force Awakens star John Boyega, the film features such wonderfully stupid Jaeger weapons as an electro-whip; double electro-katanas that merges into a single, even cooler electro-broadsword; flame chainsaws that pop out of the wrists like Wolverine; a giant, spinning, spiked ball-hand that turns into a flail; and, for good measure, some robot jetpacks. It’s quite apparent that director and co-writer Steven S. DeKnight has given us a new, tremendous answer to the question, “How do we make giant, fighting robots even more pleasingly juvenile than having them turn into cars and trucks?”

We’ll find out whether the “rocket elbow” has been upgraded to, you know, a “thruster head-butt” or whatever, when Pacific Rim Uprising hits theaters March 23.

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