Paramount picks flick of Election sequel

At last we’re returning to a simpler time prior to 1999’s election: 1999’s Election.

Paramount Pictures has announced that their streaming service, Paramount+, is getting a sequel to what remains Alexander Payne’s best film (we can have this debate in the comments, if necessary). Author Tom Perrotta already published a sequel to his Election earlier this year, and original co-writers and frequent collaborators Payne and Jim Taylor are returning to adapt for the screen, with Payne directing. Reese Witherspoon is on board to star and produce.

Titled Tracy Flick Can’t Win, the story takes us into Vice Principals territory as Flick—now an assistant principal at a suburban New Jersey public high school—fights to take over the reins from her retiring superior. It seems that former co-star Matthew Broderick’s Jim McAllister and his 1990 Ford Festiva have driven off into the sunset, killing two women in Northern Ireland.

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