Paula Patton faces off against a racist biker gang in the ‘Traffik’ trailer

Picking up where so many holiday car commercials leave off, Traffik shows us what happens when you gift a loved one a pricey vehicle. And what happens is that a racist, criminal biker gang tries to murder you. Could have put a warning at the end of your Christmas ads, huh, Lexus?

Paula Patton and Omar Epps star as partners on a couples retreat gone wrong when Patton’s newly-acquired classic car draws the attention of an uncouth gang at a gas station. There, a scared woman who came with these dudes secretly passes a phone off to Patton, and once the biker gang finds out, they’re all super pissed. Their mobile plan doesn’t let them get a replacement for another seven months! So, from this John Wick-esque impetus, we seem to get what’s almost another Straw Dogs remake, now as a racially-charged invasion for the modern, horrifying neo-Nazi resurgence. Though it’s also an extremely straight-to-video take on the premise—especially in comparison to 2015’s snappy Green Room. (It doesn’t help that this comes from the writer-director of the abysmal Purge parody Meet the Blacks.)

Traffik will reaffirm that you should not use a gas station bathroom when it hits theaters April 27.

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