Pete Davidson plays unsuccessful Pete Davidson in The King of Staten Island trailer

In the spirit of Back to the Future and Halloween, the trailer for the latest stunted coming-of-Davidson story picks up right where the last one’s trailer left off: with a tattoo joke birthed from a shitty couch.

Directed by Judd Apatow and co-written by its star, The King of Staten Island sees Davidson introspecting on a dream so many of us have had: that Pete Davidson was not inexplicably successful and dating major celebrities straight out of high school.

This loosely fictional Davidson still won’t shut up about smoking weed, but here he has his sights set not on comedy but tattooing—though depression over the loss of his firefighter father has brought his growth both professionally and emotionally to a standstill. In other incredibly on-the-nose casting, Marisa Tomei plays Davidson’s mom; Bill Burr plays her outspoken, blue collar boyfriend; and Steve Buscemi plays an old firefighter. The Wallflowers’ 1997 hit “One Headlight” also makes an unexpected appearance.

Staten Island Summer finally gets the Weekend Update desk companion piece no one asked for when King of Staten Island arrives on-demand June 12.

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