Pierce Brosnan to try to reclaim his Remington Steele days in Youth

Imagine a world where the current, ruggedly handsome Pierce Brosnan could be restored to the youthful, dapperly handsome Pierce Brosnan of the past? Such is the world we’re set to explore in Youth, a sci-fi thriller from first-time feature director Brett Marty.

The film will reportedly see Brosnan as Joel, an ad-tech engineer about to retire at 70. Rather than lose their most ruggedly handsome employee, his employer foots the bill for Joel and his wife to “Renew”—an expensive near-future procedure that restores youth. But while Joel’s wife comes out of it in her 20s again, it somehow goes backwards for Joel, sending him sprinting toward his still probably handsome demise. He ends up trying to reverse his condition with an even riskier procedure, in the process “uncovering the dark origins of the technology.” Like, maybe they’re mushing up babies and injecting them, but they accidentally mushed up a smooth, bald old man this time, and that’s why it went off?

Youth is based on Marty’s 2016 short of the same name. Here’s the trailer. And if you’ve already seen the full thing, don’t spoil whether or not it’s about injecting mushed up babies.

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