‘Pirates 5’ Stolen by Pirates, Disney Fails To Delight in Irony

Good news for Disney: There are some people who will actually go out of their way for another Pirates of the Caribbean movie! Some bad news, too, though: those people are hackers, and they have stolen that movie, and now they’re holding it ransom.

That’s the news from Deadline, where it’s being reported that Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales has been swiped by an unknown hacker group. It’s said this group is demanding “an enormous amount of money be paid to Bitcoin,” or they will begin to release the film online.

It’s said that Disney will not comply with the demands. They will not bend to these terrorists that wish to take our freedom to keep having Johnny Depp do this schtick. The studio is instead working with the FBI to catch the criminals. Though, as PotC fans know, there’s only one way to catch a pirate. With other pirates, whose heads are mostly CGI.

Please help these sad nobodies and: