Porky Pig rapping as Notorious P.I.G. is exactly what we and Space Jam: A New Legacy deserve

Look what you’ve done, you nostalgic fools who willed a Space Jam sequel into existence. You opened a stygian Acme portal to the Looney Tunes of the mid-’90s, and something else slipped through. Something malevolent.

The hip-hop inspired Looney Tunes of ’90s apparel are back—and now they’re vocal about it. Space Jam: A New Legacy features Porky Pig in a rap battle as the Notorious P.I.G.

Everyone’s in backwards caps and shit, and they’re all doing the familiar tough-guy crossed-arm poses of their 30-year-old t-shirts, and it’s all perfectly horrible. In other words, it is exactly what creating a second Space Jam rightly brought into this cursed, dying world, so great job. That’s all, folks.

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