Post-apocalyptic Tom Hanks takes his dog (and android) for a walk in the Finch trailer

Ever wonder would it would look like if Tom Hanks got the Death Stranding treatment, his likeness bought up for a AAA post-apocalyptic sci-fi video game where he has to tend to his cute, nonverbal charge in travel missions?

Look no further than this trailer for Finch!

The dystopian Cast AwayShort Circuit parts littered on its beaches—sees Hanks again stranded with only a little partner who he monologues at (now it’s a dog). So, in his solitary hellscape of a climate-screwed future, he decides to built an android buddy too. And then the trio is off on an adventure to… do something? Found Finchland maybe. Who can say what awaits this eccentric libertarian of the future?

We’ll find out when A Hanks and His Dog hits Apple TV+ November 5.

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