The Predator trailer brings back the guy with the laser pointer and dreadlocks who keeps trying to hunt man

Writer-director Shane Black returns to the franchise that kicked off his limited acting career—and that didn’t bother to credit him for his re-writes—with the latest confusingly-titled Predator sequel. Have a look with this first trailer for 20th Century Fox’s Predators follow-up, The Predator

Furthering Black’s timeless Iron Man 3 tale of boy meets weaponized armor, the film sees Room‘s Jacob Tremblay somehow ending up finding a box of a Predator’s personal effects. His playing with them seems to possibly set off some kind of beacon, because soon enough, there’s a new Predator en route for Earth—and this one, Dr. Olivia Munn hypothesizes, is an upgraded hybrid! Sterling K. Brown, Alfie Allen, Boyd Holbrook, Edward James Olmos, Thomas Jane, and Jake Busey round out the cast (in ascending order of how likely they’d be to star in a straight-to-video The Predator about a maniac stalker). The titular Predator will again bring his annoying laser pointer to the theater September 14.

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