The ultimate hunter’s boss shows up in the red-bandPredator trailer

Though this latest addition to the Predator franchise is confusingly titled The Predator, from the looks of things, 20th Century Fox may have been better off saving the plural Predators for this one. As glimpsed in this latest, red-band trailer, the Shane Black-directed sequel appears to see Earth invaded by not one but two Predators—the second one looking like some bigger, badder version cross-bred with that head orc from Lord of the Rings. Is that guy the first one’s dad, there to pick him up and take him home à la E.T.? Or his Predator boss, checking in to make sure things are going smoothly before their big Predator investors arrive from Predator Japan? We’ll find out when these guys bring their annoying laser pointers to the theater September 14.

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